Update For Bloggers

Hi Bloggers,

This is an update from your friendly administrator, to explain the process of contributing posts to the blog. As a reminder, the way to become a contributor is to subscribe to the blog and create a username and password. (This can be done at the bottom of the blog page on the right hand side.) Once you’ve become a member, I can update your status on the blog from “subscriber” to “contributor.”

Once you are a contributor you will be able to see “behind the curtain” as it were, and add posts. When you write a post you should scroll down to the window marked “categories” and find the category that is listed as your name. Before you post you should check the box with your name, which will then be listed underneath your post. Readers  will then be able to click your name and see all the posts that you have written grouped together. (See Sheila’s post below for an example.)

Feel free to comment here or to send me an email at mmccullybrown@gmail.com, if you have any questions.

Happy Blogging!

One Response to “Update For Bloggers”

  1. Stacy Ludington says:

    It’s working for me 🙂

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