Small Island

Small island, small world… lonely place

Small island, small world... lonely place

I loved Small Island when I read it the first time in 2004, the year it was published. I loved it again rereading it this summer, when even its happy ending — orchestrated beautifully by Levy to be both a gain and a loss — does not dim the power of the tremendously painful record of the […]

Contemplating the title

As I read, I am struck again and again by the meaning of “small island.”  I think it springs up all over in different ways and suggests different interpretations. At first I was thinking that it simply referred to their place of origin, and then I began to see how it is also the island […]

New titles for Summer 2011

New titles for Summer 2011

    Greetings, all: Welcome back to the Sweet Briar Summer Book Club and our community of readers and writers. I’ve chosen three novels for this summer’s reading: 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton (who will be on campus in November; more on that in a minute); Bel Canto by Ann Patchett; and Small Island by […]

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