Let the Great World Spin

Even if you’re just getting started, you’ll appreciate this: p. 4, paragraph 5: “Another day, another dolor.” That’s not a typo, it’s a beautiful play with language. “Dolor” is grief, or sadness. I seldom dog-ear pages in my books, but this one already has 20 pages folded over to mark exceptional uses of language.

2 Responses to “Let the Great World Spin”

  1. Colleen Murray says:

    I noticed that too. Incredible book. I haven’t gotten very far, but the language is truly moving. Have you noticed how he describes the trash floating around the city—those are some of my favorite lines–so fragile.

  2. Theresa McNabb says:

    I also noticed the “Dolor” phrase and had to look up the word. I have not gotten very far into this book, but so far really like. I’m currently in a dangerous place of trying to finish one book but could not wait to start this one.

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