Scheduling Etc.

Hi all,

My technology consultant on the blog is my daughter Molly, who saved me — a technological Neanderthal — from a meltdown by designing the blog and meanwhile offering administrative assistance. You might be hearing from her about various, er, technical matters. At some point, she’ll have to cut me loose here (at which point I will probably be looking for a kindly Sweet Briar student to step in and hold my hand, help keep my nose above water, etc.) but meanwhile she has reminded me that I wanted to propose a schedule for reading the novels, so that we’re all on the same page, so to speak.

Let us begin this month, therefore, with Let The Great World Spin, and proceed to Tinkers in July, and then, at the end of the summer, to Home, which seems a fitting way to conclude.

The students in my fall fiction workshop on linked short stories might be especially interested in considering how the figure of the tightrope walker in the novel serves as the “link” — both metaphoric and structural — between the novel’s separate narratives.



One Response to “Scheduling Etc.”

  1. Stacy Ludington says:

    The site looks great! I’m heading out to buy my books asap!

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