Catching Up with Bel Canto

It has been at least five years since I read Bel Canto, and I have to admit that I sailed through it on a fairly superficial level, basically turning page after page to see what would happen next.  I was addicted and couldn’t put the book down.  Alas, I failed to stop and search and think more profoundly as has become abundantly clear from reading the posts on this blog.  So, I shall pull out Bel Canto from my bookshelf and have a second go at it, this time with a more “mature” approach.  Many thanks to those of you who have paved the way for me!

My name is Judy Wilson Grant, class of ’66.  I live in Denver, CO with my husband and little black chow, Daisy. We have four grown children who are scattered throughout the United States.  At Sweet Briar I was an English major with a minor in religion and taught English in private schools off and on from 1966-2000 in New Orleans and here in Denver.  After retiring from the teaching world, I enjoy traveling, gardening, reading, and our ranch down in southern Colorado.  The only time I was not teaching was during our first married years in New York City where I worked at the Pierpont Morgan Library–a job one usually only dreams about.

One Response to “Catching Up with Bel Canto”

  1. Carrie Brown says:


    Thanks so much for joining the SBC summer book club. I hope your second reading of Bel Canto yields, as it surely will, even more pleasures…

    I was in New York City two week ago with one our daughters, who was lucky enough to be doing research at the Morgan Library. What an extraordinary place it is … I hadn’t been in years and years, and I was struck on this visit by how much this man must have loved the world and how much he cherished human genius — scores in Mozart’s hands, letters from J. D. Salinger, Gutenberg bibles, the original first amendment to the Constitution, volume after volume of poetry and history and philosophy.

    What an amazing first job!


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